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We expect you to work and we intend to work also. The reason that there is so much information that we want you to find is so that we can do the job to put together the most complete package to give you the best shot at passage.

Now what can you expect to see out of us?

1. A family impact statement which you will deliver y to support the changes that you are proposing.

2. A comprehensively written bill specific to your state. This not and cannot be cookie cutter writings that others have tried for years and failed with. It has to maintain the “spirit” of your current state statutes making the changes needed to correct the problems that exist.

3. A Judicial Impact Statement reply, should they publicly make a statement on the bill when introduced.

4. Bullet point sheets to support the changes that you can hand out.

5. Training, training and more training. The experience they we have from years of doing this have brought us the experience to teach you how to defeat the arguments before they become a hindrance. It takes much more that going to talk to a state representative or a state senator to get a bill introduced. Many of you think you understand politics but what you do not understand is the “politics of politics”. That is where we come in.

6. Availability to talk and I mean talk one on one so that your questions are answered. Why should you be limited to calling someone during specific working hours or specific days of the week? Our phones are on 24/7/365. The only time we don’t answer is if we are on another line or in a meeting.

7. Should the occasion arise we will travel to your state to address the committee at public hearings. If we cannot make the trip a full written statement will be provided.

There will be more as these individual state projects move forward. We do not sit back and expect you to work blindly; we will be digging in right with you.

Please use the Join Us button, so that we can get started.



We are a free association of people that work in a like manner way. All donations towards the operation of this website and our projects are given of freewill.  All material on this website is protected by Copyright © 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017. All third party material is used with the express permission of the original author. Use without permission is prohibited. Please contact us thru our contact page. We have no association with any non-profits and do not claim to be one in any way.

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