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On October 5, 2012 the following letter was sent to the entire Ohio General Assembly. With a Child Support Guideline Council already in place, this has gotten very serious.

We have numerous problems currently with Ohio Child Support, if they continue with the direction that I see them going, we will have even bigger problems. From what I am seeing they are leaning towards bringing back the child support bill that was introduced a couple years ago. This cannot happen as it increased child support by 20% to begin with.

While I fully recognize that we need to rewrite Ohio’s Child Support Law, it must be done in a far manner.

In reaching out on this, I have gotten a response from Senator Dave Burke who is now asking for answers from ODJFS about the eligibility of these members that I am questioning. I am sure that there are others that are doing so as well.

I am encouraging everyone to contact your legislators on this issue and suggest that I be place on this Council so that we get the changes we need and so that every family, whether they contain obligors or obligee be protected in the future.



I received the list of Ohio Child Support Guideline Council members and what sectors they represent from the state. I am questioning the inclusion of three members and have asked for additional information on those two of those three members. You will see why in my comments below.

The membership of the following I do not question as they are required by law.

Sarah Fields - Child Support Enforcement Agencies

Eric Johnson – Attorneys in DR Practice

Kim Newsom-Bridges – (Other persons) Head of CSEA Directors Association

Mike Smalz – (Other persons) Ohio Poverty Center

Senator Scott Oelslager (R)

Senator Shirley Smith (D)

Senator Dave Burke (R)

Representative Tracy Heard (D)

Representative Anne Gonzales (R)

Representative Dorothy Pelanda (R)

HOWEVER I do question these two members.

Steve Killpack (Obligors)

Phyllis Carlson-Riehm (Obligees)

Magistrate Serpil Ergun - DR or JV Courts (Cuyahoga Country DRC)

(ORC 3119.024) Is specific on who can be appointed to this Council.
Ohio law requires the Child Support Guidelines Advisory Council to consist of:
• Child support obligors
• Child support obligees
• Judges of courts of common pleas who have jurisdiction over domestic relations cases
• Attorneys whose practice includes a significant number of domestic relations cases
• Representatives of child support enforcement agencies
• Other persons interested in the welfare of children
• Three members of the Senate appointed by the President of the Senate (no more than 2 from the same party)
• Three members of the House of Representatives appointed by the Speaker of the House (no more than 2 from the same party)

I have asked for proof that these two members do fit the requirements of law.

To meet those requirements Steve Killpack would have to being paying child support and Ms. Carlson-Reihm would have to be receiving child support.

I have researched both of them.

As to Steve Killpack, I can find no court case or child support order. He is a married man that sits on the Ohio Fatherhood Commission. He does not meet the statutory requirements of having a place on this council.

With Ms. Carlson-Reihm, I find strong ties to ACTION OHIO Coalition For Battered Women. This does not meet the statutory requirements. I have not found a court case which indicates that she is an obligee.

With Magistrate Serpil Ergun, the statutory requirements are clear that this is to be a judge. While as magistrate may make many of the same decisions that a judge makes they are not accountable to the citizens. The rulings must be approved by a judge in the end.

This process will be done properly and fairly. The only way that we will get fair results are with a fair and balance review from the legally required members. Ohio Child Support is loaded with problems that need to be addressed and done so in a fair manner. All problems must be addressed comprehensively and with consideration of all factors not just an “across the board” raising of the rates thru new tables.

I have multiple people, as well as myself, that are more than willing to fill the Obligor’s role in this and assist with the changes that we need. I can explain the outcome that would happen based on every factor that is being considered and have been studying this problem for years. There are protections that must be built into this so as to protect those that are affected in the future as well as those that are subject to current orders.

I am, as I have always been, ready and willing to help improve the situation for all families in the State of Ohio. My phone contact and email information is listed below and I am available 24/7 to any of you for discussion of these problems.

Ray Lautenschlager

Ohio Family Rights




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