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The truth behind some that claim they are working on custody legislation

Truth about Fathers and Families i.e. National Parents Organization

They did block SB144/HB253 during the last Ohio General Assembly

SB144 and proof the Fathers and Families does NOT support equal custody

Today I received a message from someone that I have been assisting with various custody questions. He inquired of Don Hubin of Ohio’s Fathers and Families as to why Father’s and Families did not support SB144.

The following is the reply that he received and then I will explain some things that will expose why Hubin’s comments are a bold faced lie.

That is false. Neither I, nor Fathers and Families, has done *anything* to impede the progress of SB144. Fathers and Families, as an organization has not taken a position on the bill. I, personally, have never done anything to interfere with the progress of the bill.

Which senators have you spoken with who support SB144? Have you asked these senators why they have not called for committee hearings on SB144? And, which senators told you that I, or Fathers and Families, were "holding it up"? What did they say that I, or Fathers and Families, had done to hold up the bill? I would like to know so that I can contact them and ask them not to give out false information. And, in doing so, I would like to be able to say that I heard from you , Michael, that they had said that I am "the one holding it up" so that they'll be able to evaluate the credibility of my source.

And, by the way, in case in your haste to make your point, you missed my first paragraph in my first reply to you, here it is again:

"First, Facebook is not a good way to get in touch with me. I've had a Facebook page for years but don't check it regularly. If you're writing about issues related to divorce, custody, fathers' rights, and so forth, write to me at donhubin@fathersandfamilies.org."

Hubin and I were part of an organization years ago called Parents and Children for Equality. He walked away and I continued the fight. Prior to the introduction of SB144 I let Don know as a courtesy that the bill would be introduced and sent him a copy of the wording of the legislation and asked for comments.

Below is brief timeline that all of you should know.

· October 2009 – Hubin was told that I had arranged for the legislation to be introduced and sent him a copy for comment. He never did.

· March 2011 – SB144 introduced

· He continued to lobby for the Fathers and Families changes even after the bill was introduced.

· Hubin throws me and Roz out of an F&F meeting telling me that I cannot mention already introduced legislation.

· I met with Senator LaRose, at which LaRose told me they were getting ready to write the bill. I told the Senator that the legislation had already been written and introduced. He was shocked. I revealed numerous things that I knew had happened in the Statehouse to LaRose and he confirmed. These were things that only an insider would know.

· December 2011- LaRose meeting and Hubin throws several proposals on the table and then cannot support why his weaker language should be used. He sat like a bump on the log saying nothing and explaining nothing about why his weaker language was better or should be included.

· While the Bill was introduced in committee and has sat because the Committee chair told a supporting Senator that he would not move forward “unless all interested parties (Us, F&F, Summit Dads) were in agreement”. While Summit Dads agreed to back off on his proposal after having everything thoroughly explained, F&F continued to not support the legislation. That meant that by not supporting or informing the committee that they had no opposition to it moving forward without amendment, Don did assure that SB144 would sit in committee to die. He blocked it.

· All he had to do was go to Skindell, LaRose, Eklund, Burke and say “F&F supports SB144 and has no objects to the bill moving forward as introduced” and we would have been passed. They were frustrated by his actions as should every parent in the state at this time.

· BTW- Ned Holstein for F&F national told me that they did not support it because “They did not believe it could pass”. I was also told that Don was told by his Ohio board members to support the bill and that he refused.

· Word came from several representatives that Hubin was openly opposing the legislation in the House and this was confirmed to me by several aides.

Anyone that has doubts about what I am saying is more than welcome to come here and search my computer. Frankly I have all the emails on my computer that prove what I am saying. He was told several times to get on board or get out of the way. I have also raised the question with a man that claims to be a former board member as to whether or not they were told to lobby legislators for their proposals even though much stronger legislation had already been introduced.

So here I suggest that each of you send him a card of thanks telling him how much you appreciate what he has done to your families and child. Don’t bother with emails as he has not responded to mine for over two years. Send it snail mail. Don’t sign your name, just send it and mark it a very concerned parent.

Don Hubin

69 N. Ohio Street

Columbus, Ohio 43203

Game on, and we will be back! Stronger than ever!!!

In a recent newsletter they made claims about killing a recent child support bill in Ohio. Fasle again.

Looks like we have yet another WTF moment for National Parents Organization, (formerly known as Fathers and Families).

I get their news letter and lately it has been nothing but continual begging for money. Today’s message was not different but good heavens please tell the truth about what you have done and don’t continually try to take credit for what others have done especially when state reports don’t back your words.

Today’s message:

We fight for shared parenting, reasonable child support policies, alimony reform, rights of disabled parents, rights of military parents, and both parents sharing in the financial responsibility for their children. We fight against paternity fraud, moveaways, parental alienation, and inappropriate charges of domestic violence.

To give just one example, we quietly killed an Ohio bill that would have automatically raised child support orders when the Cost of Living Index increased even if your income did not increase by one point! And, dozen more like this one.

Give to bring justice to family law for our children.

Preserving the bond between parents and children,

Ned Holstein, MD, MS
Founder and Chair of the Board of Directors

P.S. You have made National Parents Organization the nation's foremost voice for shared parenting, family law reform, and gender equality in family law.

I think we need to teach reading to Ned and crew because his words do not match the report that was issued by the State of Ohio and the reason that they could NOT change the guidelines.

Read : 2013csguidelinesadvcouncilreport.pdf

In the report, the Guidelines council clearly states that they cannot recalculate new tables in Ohio until the issue of Medicaid expansion is resolved. They go on the state that it will take a new economic study before those tables can be created.

Now in this next link you will see that report that I submitted to that same council and where I presented several solutions as well as raised the issue of the effects of Medicaid expansion on the child support tables.

Read : The Gorilla in the Room

We all need to send a message to Ned and crew that if they intend to lie to fleece the parents of this country of funds, they need to make sure that they tell the truth in doing so. The constant barrage of lies from an organization that claims to be doing so much is unacceptable especially when the written record proves that their lie. It was bad enough that they blocked last sessions equal custody legislation in Ohio while claiming to everyone that this is what they support but now they make further false claims of their work so that you think that they are working for you.

As an additional side not, we asked for copies of testimony presented to the Council. Nowhere was any member of NPO or F&F mentioned yet the report I wrote and submitted was recognized by the council and numerous members of the General Assembly.

So Ned and crew is this your real intent, to lie for money? Hate to tell you but the record proves your willingness to do just that.

F&F has repeatedly made claims like this before. Reality is that previous child support bill was killed before they even opened their mouth. Truth is I had killed it and they almost got it reintroduced by trying to negotiate with Senator Smith. All of this was taking place while the Senator was telling the Ohio Fatherhood Commission that they were educating the fathers’ rights groups on the benefits of increasing child support. The only one she was trying to educate was Fathers and Families who was trying to get everyone thrown under the bus.

National Organization for Parental Equality – inactive now as best can be observed

Thanks to the repeated lies by Robert Pina, Mike Galluzzo and Chuck Evans, there has had to be a tremendous amount of extra work to making sure that these bills move forward. I will not allow this to happen to ten plus years of my work to get these bills to introduction. Their insistence on using failed approaches from the past can not be followed again.

While these three have tried to claim that they have been responsible for this legislation the record shows that they were in fact not and that they are misrepresenting themselves and their place in what has happened here.


· First meeting to get this legislation to move forward took place between Ray Erker and Senator Skindell.

· Erker told Skindell that Ray Lautenschlager had proposed legislation written to replace the current custody law.

· Ray Lautenschlager was contacted and asked to supply the language to LSC and did so in August of 2010. This was done while an officer of NOPE, an organization he has left because of Galluzzo and Evans failures. The original email.

 Erker and Lautenschlager met with Senator Skindell in February of 2011 to finalize introduction. A second meeting happened one month later where it was agreed that we would move forward with the language that had been agreed upon. Senator Skindell asked who to get as a co-sponsor and was told by Ray Lautenschlager to get Senator Grendell and was handed a not to give to Grendell explaining that this was a rework of HB232. He agreed when he saw the note.

· Ron Young was approached by Ray Lautenschlager about sponsoring.

· Robert Pina was told to get Weddington and when he contacted him Weddington didn’t even know who he was. Weddington ended up being sent to prison for taking a bride.

· Burke, Reese and Yuko all called Ray Lautenschalger to talk about sponsorship. All signed on as co-sponsors.

· Balderson, LaRose, Eklund are on board with after conversations with RL.

· At a meeting called by Senator LaRose Galluzzo and Evans said nothing to support the already introduced bill while only Ray Lautenschlager questioned and challenged Hubin from F&F as to why we should use his proposals over what was already introduced within the bill. Hubin could never support his position.

· Need some further truth on Hubin and F&F? Read F&F2.pdf

Other things that you do not know in regard to the National Organization for Parental Equality:

· All content of the website is owned by Ray Lautenschlager and was given to him when he took over PACE.

· Use of the name was fully granted prior to it use by Galluzzo and Evans who have never done a thing with it not had the ability to move it forward. .

· All branding of the name and the recognition that it has is been because of the work Ray Lautenschlager.

· Mike and Chuck have brought no sponsors or support to the table on this. While Robert got Weddington ( I have my doubts that he will stay because of his spot on OFC) on board, I was able to get Grendell, Skindell, Burke, Young, Reese and Yuko ( the last 4 called me personally) on board. There are many more that are supporting in the background that I have had personal discussions with and continue to have. They brought nothing to the table and turned off many with their babbling, now bridges have been burnt just like Hubin did with PACE.

· Mike and Chuck are considered by many leaders of other groups to be a joke. In a comment to me last July, those that met to talk to me said that the joke was that Chuck was going thru another divorce to try to force his constitutional argument again in the courts.

· The “great” Chuck Evans has repeatedly stated that he did not want to be involved in the organization. Yet now he tells all how great he is. While he may have come up with a “legal theory” that is all it is – THEORY. It has never been successfully won in a court of law. His theory has in fact cost him custody of his son in his latest divorce.

· The “great” Chuck Evans knows so little about this new legislation and how it works that he could not even see that it would give him full custody of his son from his current divorce. I had to explain to him how that would happen and under what procedures.

· Mike has repeatedly chest thumped that “I am the president” and “I am managing” while doing NOTHING. SEE BELOW

· Mike and Chuck founded NOTHING yet now they want full credit and yet now they have filed, 18 months after the fact, for trademark of the name. And they claim that I am stealing their idea. All material was copy written in advance of their “trademark” scheme.

· The legislation was written by Ray Lautenschlager and Evans and Galluzzo had no direct contact with the sponsors and contributed NOTHING other than 8 words. The need for those words is questionable at best and not critical to the outcome.

· Don’t believe the lip-service that you get from the Ohio Fatherhood Commission. They have one interest and one interest only and that is to keep themselves and the money trail going to keep living off the tax dollars of the citizens of the state. Try a trail that I found that goes from OFC (Lead by Peter Lawson Jones) to Cuyahoga County (Peter Lawson Jones) right back into the pockets of Steve Killpack, other members of the OFC and close friends of Peter Lawson Jones. All confirmed by the contracts I have in hand. If they were going to support these changes they should done so 4 years ago when they reported to Strickland that the changes needed to be made. If they are so good for parents in the state why was Ray able to get them removed from OFC?

· Facts that have been missed as to Galluzzo’s repeated failures:

· Have the NOPEUSA domain redirected to NopeOhio and it took you several months to do a simple 5 minute task.

· Asked you to raise funds to keep the website up and you have done NOTHING. You question what you are told and then fail to address the issue at COMPLETELY. All presentations had to be present PROFESSIONALLY not the dime store crap- that Galluzzo has tried before and failed with.

· I provided information on committee and possible problems to all shortly after the bill was assigned. Then last week you ask who is on committee? At this rate of paying attention by you the bill will be gone before active efforts are made for its passage.

· I asked you to make changes within the Yahoo group because of certain trouble makers over a year ago. Done anything? I have my doubts.

· Shall we discuss the Hubin issue which you did not address in a timely manner? As ypo now shout off about Hubin the assignment of getting him on board was given to Galluzzo and he did not do it in spite of the fact that he agreed to do so a full 8 months in advance of introduction.

· To use this project as an example. You come in months AFTER I was told I was completely in charge and are failing every step of the way.

· Also on this project there a time deadline set which you MISSED. You set a deadline on my which I made will time to spare and then you come back with misleading and false statements missing the deadline by days while writing a report that in turn caused more problems that it solved.

· I ask for information that you have and tell you I need it now and it shows up days later if at all.

· On the logo you are again managing from BEHIND. Every time you have attempted this you have created a third grade effort that everyone shown for opinion agrees is such. I have remained consistent in my approach and labeling and you want to change mid plan with third grade graphics after the name and visual recognition has been established over 18 months ago.

· You have repeatedly failed to understand, though clearly explained, the politics of this. My statements about the affects of your statement are 100% dead on point. I have called EVER political point on this in advance and when I say in advance I mean MONTHS, spot on and clearly to the point.

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