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I have had a series of email go back and forth between myself and Divorce Corp. about their upcoming conference. I have answered their questions yet I get nothing but “worker bees” contacting me.

Time to put it out for all to see as to why Ohio Family Rights will not attend.


I work for Divorce Corp, which is hosting a family law reform conference in Alexandria, VA this November 15-16th. Catherine MacWillie referred me to your organization and I would like to take this opportunity to open up a dialogue about the common goals your organization and Divorce Corp may share and ways we may be able to assist one another.

We are committed to catalyzing a nationwide family law reform movement, spearheaded by the director of Divorce Corp, Dr. Joseph Sorge. At the beginning of the year, we introduced the many injustices in the family law courts and the overwhelming need for change with the release of our documentary movie and companion book. Now we are taking the next step by organizing a reform conference which will address the diverse range of areas long overdue for reforms. Through this conference we hope to bring together a consensus of the changes needed and how best to achieve them.

We are reaching out to organizations such as yours to encourage registration, participation and engagement for the conference, as we can't make change happen without the voice of the public.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts, ideas, availability, and willingness to attend. If you are able to spread the word through your website, social media channels, email, etc. we would greatly appreciate the assistance! I have attached a graphic card announcing the conference for your convenience.

Many thanks,


Divorce Corp Team

Thank you for your inquiry.

Ohio Family Rights does not use the term shared parenting in anyway. We stopped over 14 years ago. Shared parenting has been one of the largest social and legal failures perpetrated upon the American public. We only believe in equal custody for all fit parents. We only believe that it is the responsibility of the parents to decide how they family should be run after the parents end their personal relationship, not a third party “judge” that does not know or understand the dynamics of your family unit.

The only way to solve the problem is to stop talking and to do something about the problem and our track record shows that we have done some about it in the past and will continue to do something about it in the future until every state has a true equal custody law on the books and in effect. With four previous bills introduced in Ohio that were written personally by our President and more coming in multiple states this year that were also written by him, we have taken a strong stance on the “problems” on our nation’s family courts and are able to present the solution in a unique way that is not only easy for legislators to understand but the general public.

We have successfully gotten many changes to family law over the years and have stopped many bad bills that would have damaged the “movement” beyond repair. We are regularly requested to participate in “stakeholder” meeting on family law issues in Ohio and other states.

The days of raising awareness have long past. As a nation we have been talking about this “problem” for close to twenty years. There is no need for more talk or awareness; we have done that for close to twenty years now.

Our board consists of members that are the part of the top in both teaching people how to gain equal custody but the best at fighting children’s services cases. We teach without regard to gender or race and have experience in every state of the country. Our board is politically active which has gained us insight into what it takes to get a bill not only introduced but passed.

Dear Ray,

My colleague, Simone Jantz shared your email with me outlining the terrific work your organization has conducted to help families and children. It sounds like you have fantastic experience drafting legislation and working to get effective bills passed. I am sure that it was because of this excellent track record and amazing work that Catherine MacWillie suggested we reach out to your organization.

We can certainly understand that your focus is on action rather than talk. We too would like to make reform a reality and believe it is vitally important that children with fit parents have both parents in their lives. There are many people and organizations that could benefit from the experience and expertise of your organization so that we can make effective reform happen everywhere in the country.

Divorce Corp understands that your time and resources are a precious and limited commodity, but we would certainly value your presence at our conference. I think you would be surprised to learn how many people aren’t aware of the immense injustices in family courts (we have been told this over and over again by victims of the family courts who didn't know until they experienced it and by politicians who say it has not been brought to their attention) and definitely don’t know how best to make change happen. If it is not possible for Ohio Family Rights to attend, we completely understand, but would appreciate it, if you were able to share information about the conference with anyone who you think might benefit from it and be interested.

With teamwork and unity we can all make a difference. Thank you for your time.

Best regards,


The Divorce Corp Team

We have made no commitments either way on attendance. If we were to attend it would be at the discretion of our board and would likely include myself and my vice president.

Attendance needs to be made by the board based on who presenters are on issues that will be discussed. In looking at the issues that you have indicated you will be discussing, can you please identify the presenters.

Child Support – Who Benefits?

The Constitutional rights of Parents

Do Our Family Laws Reconcile With Modern Social Trends?

The Impact of Domestic Violence and Parental Alienation on Custody

Mediation vs. Litigation for Family Law Matters

Are Family Courts the New Mafia?

RICO Suits Against the State Courts

Equal Parenting

The Science Behind Primary vs. Shared Custody

Alimony Reform Success

Revising Child Support Guidelines

Judicial Elections and Their Impact on Judicial Independence

Hi Ray,

Here is the link to the presenters.



After having reviewed all the information that you have, I have to say that I will absolutely not attend your conference.

You have speakers who are speaking on subjects to which they have absolutely no knowledge whatsoever for. You have speakers who have worked against comprehensive legislation. Frankly, when you're ready to work on this and work on it in the proper manner, have Joe call me personally, no more in between people as you’re just worker bees. If he is serious than he'll take the time to make the phone call and learn the truth about some of those he is working with and listening to.

I will take two people; first-person is Ned Holstein from the National Parents Organization. Ned and his organization are the reason that this problem continues. Ned and his organization openly lobbied against a comprehensive bill in the Ohio General assembly. When asked straightforward what their problem was with the bill the only answer one could get was “we don't think it'll pass”. Funny, I had the votes lined up in the Ohio House and the Ohio Senate for passage with what I suspected would be no more than 10 votes against out of 132 legislators. Never nor did his crony Don Hubin, ever bothered to find out where legislators really stood. They were too busy going behind doors, including going to legislators who were primary sponsors and telling them to pull the bill.

They were to busy pushing an agenda of extremely weak language and old previously failed proposals. When called before a senator for a shareholders or stakeholders meeting, they could not explain why their weaker language or old failed proposals should even be used. When push came to shove they were not willing to make the necessary phone call for the bill to move out of committee they blocked the bill even after admitting they had no problem with bill moving forward without amendment

Why? As many of us across the nation have found out with them it's all about the money that they receive in donations it has nothing to do with getting the job done is all about keeping their little organization that has done nothing but cause problems nationwide for the past 15 years going.

Ask Ned why his fund raising specialist has decided to call other organizations that are not associated with them and demand that any legislation that they are planning to introduce be vetted by National Parents Organization. I have confirmation on that from guys in Arizona that I'm working with and just completed a bill for. Ask Ned why his people last week at the child support committee hearing in Nebraska walked out without testifying, yet they want to post a story that is a verbatim peace of plagiarism that they stole from a newspaper article about those hearings to make it appear that they were involved.

Would you like to hear about the conversation I had with somebody else that was on the Massachusetts family task force that was supposed to come up with legislative changes? Dr. Hill flat out told me the biggest problem they have in getting anything done was Ned. Every time Dr. Hill put forth solid proposals Ned backed up and insisted upon weaker language. I do have all those files so I can back my words. I also have better language that I wrote for them to submit that Ned evidently rejected.

Ned Holstein and National Parents Organization are the problem. They are not the solution.

Then you have a speaker who is supposed to be presenting on RICO issues, Cole Stewart. Frankly this man doesn't know his butt from a hole in the ground and thinks that jurisdiction has to do with the Rooker-Fehlman doctrine. He has no clue that the 10th amendment takes this issue and places it directly in the hands of the individual states. Don't believe me on that one I suggest you go read the 10th amendment as it gives all powers not specifically delegated within the Constitution to the individual states. That means that family law issues are all to be handled by the states as the states are best suited to handle the needs of their own citizens.

Nope, quite frankly you guys are so lost and that comes in part because you've done no studying on law. I talked to attorneys what you were recruiting for your movie. The most common story I had was your pleas to have them expose the problems with the courts. The problem in the courts is attorneys that manipulate the current system of law. The real problem is poorly worded law that deals with families in the various states. It is poor public policy on families. Changing this system of law is not about changing the law; it's about changing public policy and public perception. Whining and complaining about it will never accomplish a thing. Sitting around talking about it will not accomplish anything. Getting off your duff and actually doing some work will. That's what we have been doing.

Holding a conference to sit around and pass around bad information will do nothing to solve the problem, it will only serve to continue it for years to come. Frankly I've tried to listen to some of the other videos that you've posted online and I find them so offensive that I have to stop shortly into them. If this is the quality of personnel that you intend to associate with and to use as presenters for conference on changing the problems in Family Court, you will serve nothing but feed the continuation of multiple myths that surround changes in family law.

I always have and I always will speak my mind strongly, and I always will tell the truth, and I can do that because I have taken the time to do the research and the studies of history on this subject. I have taken the time to sit down and have open discussions with legislators and policymakers on both the local, state and federal levels.

One of the people that I sat down to speak with was a former Ronald Reagan's advisor, while he was governor and president of the United States. While the issue we discussed was President Reagan's personally expressed views that his signing of the first no-fault divorce law in California in 1967," hastened the destruction of the American family". After that discussion I did some further study into the issue including looking at the timeline of the events, comparing working versus nonworking mothers, changes in federal policy towards the family. I also looked at President Reagan's personal history and his experiences in his owned divorce from Jane Wyman. All that Ronald and Jane wanted to do was go their separate ways in an amiable manner but the status of family law at that time required that a required a married couple to present fault with one party or the other for the end of their marriage contract. I came to the conclusion that then Governor Reagan’s reasoning in signing the first no-fault divorce law was solid. He saw the turmoil and effect on children, and it was his desire to keep children out of the middle of an adult battle. What Reagan could not foresee was the changes in the family makeup as we went from at that time less than 15% working mothers to what is now 65% working mothers in a household. But he also could not see was that that and the effect of the changing economy forced this nation into households with two working parents. That brought about the increased involvement by fathers in the lives of their children, even in intact families.

The real base cause of the breakup of the American family came at the hands of President Johnson when he declared the war on poverty. As this nation took on this new war on poverty additional changes came in that they began to require intact families to split up for the sake of receiving these new benefits. We had families that were forced to go separate ways simply to get assistance because they were poor. Those policies continue today. To date the war on poverty has cost this nation $70 trillion and the problem is not solved, it is only growing larger.

I think this gives somewhat of an idea how deeply we look at the causes and effects of many of the steps that the government has taken throughout our history. When you start to break those down it becomes even more evident in how complex this issue came can be. One little changed word, one small change in policy, a correction here, a correction there but the chain reaction keeps on.

My personal phone number is included in my signature block, when you're ready to talk about the real problems and real solutions, Joe can give me a call.

Ray Lautenschlager

Ohio Family Rights

We are now serving the Nation.



Ohio Family Rights is a national free association of like minded people that work to comprehensively change the way that states and the courts view custody between divorced and never married people.  We have dedicated ourselves to correcting what has long been a major problem of socially engineering fit parents from the lives of their child every day. This goal can only be accomplished by comprehensively correcting the flaws within the “Shared Parenting laws” that are currently in place so that all fit parents and their children can benefit from equal custody. Please join us in our efforts to protect the families of this nation and the future of our children.

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