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Divorce Corp and Their Hidden Agenda

It could destroy parental rights in America forever


While many are screaming and applauding the coming of this movie, I have been doing my research.  What I am seeing is not pretty and there is a hidden agenda behind this movie that could destroy all efforts at equal custody legislation in this country or at least set us back twenty years.

I have been vocal about the numerous problems that surround divorce and custody issues in regard to the inequalities that take place with rulings. I have worked for years on reforms that are needed and followed and been a part of the history of this movement. It was not something that I intentionally set out to do, but it was something that fell into my lap while  that was by God’s design or just being at the right place at the right time and meeting the right people. I have written comprehensive changes that have been introduced in Ohio’s General Assembly and just finished proposed language for Nebraska that is well received by their Senators. It has taken a lot of study of the law for me to be able to do this and that has included state and federal law as well as procedures that are used in the courts.

I have positioned myself to where I am able to openly discuss the laws and the problems of current law with legislators, attorneys and judges. You don’t get to that point by sounding like a nut case by ranting and raving.  You get to that point by knowing the facts and being able to explain the problems in a way that those that are not experienced can understand.  I am what many consider the anomaly in that I have been active despite the fact that I got what every fit parent should have, equal legal and physical custody. I am the one the screws up the statistics that you all claim say the no gets equal custody.

I got it by being smart from day one of my divorce and I to this day apply intelligent reasoning and thinking to working on the problems that so may have. I will see a problem coming before you even realize that there is a problem.

Since this movie was made know to the general public I have been talking with associates that work in the courts and have been doing my own research into claims that those associated as making. So claims are true but frankly exaggerated for the drama.

But the there a dark hidden agenda behind this movie that is going to come back to bite this movement in the future if we do not pay attention. The above video interview admits that there is a hidden agenda.

I am going to point to a Linked-In Conversation from an attorney that relays what the producers told him. I am going to protect that attorney but I am then going to explain what my research has found.

Be glad you got away from the Divorce Corp movie.
I got a copy of the email they were distributing to attorneys that shows they have a very destructive motive to be a socialism approach to American family law.
Their intent is more than forced equal parenting. I received the following email from Joe Sorge, the producer, on February 27, 2013:

"We are looking for an insider who is advocating an almost complete dismantling of the family courts; someone who wants the U.S to change to the Scandinavian model. We have yet to find a U.S lawyer that radical. While I do believe that the change you are advocating would be for the best, I think the Scandinavian model is even better. Perhaps U.S. Society is not ready for it yet, but gender roles are changing quickly. Women represent more than half of the U.S. Workforce, and wages are approaching parity. The U.S. System is based on a patriarchal model that was relevant 30 years ago, but within the next 10 years will be completely out of date.

Let's stay in touch. We hope to do some TV specials on the topic of divorce and perhaps one of those would work out."

My response:

"Democracy does not work in all countries - the type of government suitable depends upon many factors. The US is not and never has been Scandinavia. Unfortunately, we are and have been a male dominated society. We cannot do what was done in Scandinavia because we are not Scandinavia. The consequences would not be the same. Australia was also a British colony. We have many similarities. What works there has a good chance of working here.

I want your film to make as big an impact as possible and influence much needed change. However, if you advocate for something that cannot work here because of our history and its influence on our present and future, you significantly weaken your case. I say that for the benefit of your cause. Significant change is change - even if not the change you would like to see. Australia has a family systems based approach - it is wonderful and could work here.

In any event, let's keep in touch."

Joe's reply:

"Good points. Perhaps we need to make progress in steps."

Now, let's discuss how the Scandinavian system works: (1) Equal Parenting; (2) No child support because the income differential between the parents is irrelevant and they have Equal Parenting; (3) No spousal support; (4) No attorneys fees; and (5) Marital property be divided equally. (

When you understand the intent, you understand why they made the film unnecessarily false and misleading.

  • Now this have me go looking at the Swedish law model that they claim is so good. If you read the Swedish Family Law rules that are above and have studied American law as extensively as I have you will see that there is a very striking similarity between Swedish Law and the standard shared parenting laws of this country.

Read the Wikipedia info on this model and you have a glowing review that is factually not correct. Sure they can do this without an attorney but so can we. Sure they can have equal custody but them so can we. But the fact remains that the Swedish model lacks the one thing, just like American law, that I have said many times, baseline custody of equal physical and legal custody.

Sweden for those of you that do not know your world politics is a socialist country that basically has every family living off government support in some way. Much of what they have are nationalized programs that they pay dearly for in giving up personal freedoms.

Here is your spoiler alert - They are trying to push a Socialist model of the family on Americans.

While many of your complain of violations of your constitutional Rights, you are blindly following and supporting a movie that is trying to take away your rights. Frankly that is going to happen over my dead body and each of you should feel the same.

For those that have not studied hard on this issue and do not understand the U.S. Constitution, the Founding Fathers, through that supreme document, placed with the individual states the right to individually decide how many matters would be handled within their borders. This was done so that the unique needs of each state could be best handled by those closest to the situation, rather than far off government entity that have issues of the entire Nation to deal with. Marriage and family are one issue that the Federal government has not say in what so ever. Because of this the state laws on these issues are different from state to state, although they are somewhat similar.

European law is far different and the Nations of that continent are close is size that of many of our states. They are, as a country, governed by a single set of laws that are equivalent to our state laws. While these are sovereign nations they are run in a manner that is close to that of our individual states. Some of those nations are run as democracies while others at communist in nature or hybrids such as Sweden which has a socialist tendency in that many if not most of all needs of the citizens are controlled or supported by the government. Free health care and food programs are tightly government controlled and are similar to our entitlement systems.

If that system, as those with this movie desire, are we would be facing a government intrusion into the American family the likes of what we do not even come close to now. If you think things are bad now, change to this and it will be far worse.

While some think that this will bring awareness to the issue, that is fine but the major problem that will bite those of us that have actually been working on changes to the law will see the misguided efforts of the unknowledgeable shift from talking with their state legislators about changes to speaking outside of the proper jurisdiction of law, to federal legislators. Valuable time with be lost of the long standing communications that have already been established to introduce changes to a system of law that is long overdue. This is the sheeple factor that so many are missing.

Do we need major reforms of the current system, oh hell yes we do. If we fail to communicate those needs to the right jurisdiction of government we will set the efforts of the last 15 years backward for another 10 years at minimum.  We need the story told but it needs to be told right with full understanding of current law and presented in a manner that opens the discussion with the right people. Those discussions need to be filled with fact not whining stories of cases gone wrong. Cases go wrong for reasons and we all know that.

The baseline problem remains that under the current system of law we have no baseline default for custody post dissolution of a personal relationship between two adults. We need to keep asking legislators on the state level why they allow laws to exist that remove fit parents from the lives of children.

We need good legislation that mirrors the last bill introduced in Ohio that solves this problem completely. I have not worked for 15 years on these changes to see some ignorant movie producer that cannot do proper research and only has a desire to profit off of you, destroy the progress that has been made.

I will vote will my dollars and my voice. I am going nowhere near this movie other than to stand outside and tell the truth about the real problems and the hidden agenda of these profiteering movie makers. 



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