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False Allegations of Abuse


 False allegations of abuse are abuse—at least when they are made recklessly or, worse, with the knowledge that they are false.  False allegations can  destroy a parent's relationship with the children, causing irreparable damage to  children.  They caste a shadow of suspicion over all allegations of abuse—even  true allegations—and they divert enforcement and judicial resources away from cases where children are truly being abused. 

If you are the target of false allegations of abuse, both you and your children will be the victims of this abuse.  To minimize the damage to your children, you must respond to the charges promptly and properly.


1.If your divorce is in the state of Ohio, get a copy of "Almost as Despicable as the Act Itself:  Dealing with False Allegations of Child Abuse in Custody Cases" by Douglas B. Dougherty. Be sure your attorney is familiar with this document.  See More


2.Read widely about how to handle these dangerous situations: Dean Tong is a leading expert on false allegations of abuse.  You can order his books from his web site.  See More about Dean



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