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Plumbers and attorneys have the same basic job…getting crap out of your life! If your plumber sat at your kitchen table and told you “just wait a while, the water will go down and it will all be okay”. Would you pour him a cup of coffee and write him a check? No? Then why do you take “just do what they want, and you will get your children home soon”?

So, how do you make sure your attorney is working for YOU, even if you are not the paying the bill? As soon as you get word that he/she is appointed, email him/her with what you expect. If he/she will not provide an email address, fire him/her immediately! You need a paper trail, and so the email address is a must. In your first email, you need to tell him/her what you expect. Remember, it’s your family and you are the boss! Here is a list of some of the things you may want to tell him you expect:

1) Zealous representation (use these exact words as it is in his/her Cannon of Ethics)

2) 48 hour reply to email unless URGENT is in the subject line. If so, you want 24 hour turnaround.

3) As you will only call if it is an immediate problem, you expect calls to be returned in a maximum of 24 hours.

4) One hour of face to face office time five weeks before any evidentiary hearing to discuss witnesses and make sure all evidence will be in place.

5) One hour of face to face time to finalize court preparation.

6) NEVER speak for you without written permission on that exact issue.

7) Protect the appeal! Everything must be placed on the record, including declarations from you.

8) In court, object to everything that even appears to be improper. Hold them to all laws, rules, policies, procedure, regulations and case law.

9) File contempt of court whenever CPS doesn’t follow court orders timely.

10) No continuances without your approval except in the case of emergency.

11) Copy you on all correspondence. Send you a copy of all legal filings.

12) Give you the same quality representation that CPS gets. Treat you like his highest paying client.

Now, to get this kind of high quality service, you cannot be a pest to the attorney. Remember, you have only one case while he/she may have a hundred. Send only one email a week unless there is something urgent. In this email, you will give him all pertinent information. A visit report for his record would be great. Also , you could include reports of contact with the workers or providers. When it comes to attorneys, “the squeaky wheel” gets ignored.

Above all, be respectful but firm. You are the boss! When you are feeling timid, close your eyes and imagine your attorney bending over your toilet with his/her crack showing!



Ohio Family Rights is a national free association of like minded people that work to comprehensively change the way that states and the courts view custody between divorced and never married people.  We have dedicated ourselves to correcting what has long been a major problem of socially engineering fit parents from the lives of their child every day. This goal can only be accomplished by comprehensively correcting the flaws within the “Shared Parenting laws” that are currently in place so that all fit parents and their children can benefit from equal custody. Please join us in our efforts to protect the families of this nation and the future of our children.

We are a free association of people that work in a like manner way. All donations towards the operation of this website and our projects are given of freewill. All material on this website is protected by Copyright © 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016. All third party material is used with the express permission of the original author. Use without permission is prohibited. Please contact us thru our contact page. We have no association with any non-profits and do not claim to be one in any way.

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